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For Argument's Sake

Recently I started a dialogue with another believer on some doctrinal issues relating to a passage in Hebrews. See Popular Theology entries. In his second response he said that he did not believe that argument over the interpretation of Scripture edifies more »


One of the best software packages to come out in recent years is the Firefox browser. When IE 7 came out I did a comparison and Firefox did things that IE didn't and Firefox has progressed since then getting even farther out ahead. There are things tha more »

Popular Theology - 2

I talked about this a couple days ago and thought it appropriate to add a few more notes. Often we try to take the more »


There are many people that enjoy talking or being listened to. Then there are those that like to sit/stand/watch and Write. That would be me. A few years ago I contemplated life and love and wrote (and had pu more »

The Shepherd's Guide

The Shepherd's Guide is a Christian business directory for Tyler that just came out here. Most of the advertisers in it have signed that they have made professions of faith. From Attorneys to Wrecker Services everyone listed is hoping for more business more »

Popular Theology

I attended our mid-week Bible study this week and the discussion was on one of the more controversial passages in the New Testament. The passage wasn't so controversial except that it doesn't fit so well with the popular theology of the Baptist church na more »