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To Bash or Not To Bash

On occasion I've read Mark Morford write about all the violence surrounding religion and his descriptive name-calling of every visible aspect of religious protest more »

Meetings 101

A meeting today sent me abruptly back to Dilbert's World. Much earlier in my career I was impressed by one company that considered me for a job and actually had a group interview. I believe there were three people as more »

2008 Friday Calendar

2008 January 4 11 18 25 February more »

What's up Doc

I visited a new family practice physician earlier in the week and found the trip to be well interesting. This is not going to be a recommendation in either direction but some thoughts you might consider. I can't make recommendations because I didn't more »


I've written about Job Search Issues before and ideas about using information technology to improve business. Two weeks ago I got another reminder of how inadeq more »

Black Friday Perspectives

A week ago I was referred to an article on (The San Francisco Chronicle). Since then I've enjoyed reading many of the columns in that paper. It's been almost two and a half decades but when I lived in San Francisco I enjoyed reading the Chro more »

We Bought Software

In a town hall meeting at work yesterday there was a big announcement "We bought software". I don't even remember what it was for but it did have a special purpose. As I listened to the announcement of all the big plans I grinned. I find those kinds o more »
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