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Ducks in a Row

For the past few weeks I have been working to get all of my on-line resources in order. I'm continuing to update my resumes posted across the Internet; I have moved my blog material here; and I have changed from to as my… more »

Financial Planning

It's hard to plan in uncertainty that we have in congress today. At least, that's the common sentiment I keep hearing. The uncertainty, of course, is whether or not the Bush tax cuts will be extended. Such was the uncertainty a year ago as well. When pe… more »

On Music

Not my music I've been questioned about my musical tastes on many occasions. Although I am well past 40, I enjoy much of the music of more recent generations.   One person earlier in the year was quite surprised that I liked listening to Saliva's "Cl… more »

The Blog Consolidation

Having posted blog entries all across the web in the past decade, I've decided to consolidate them here. Putting all of my material in a single site will make managing it much simpler. Future entries posted on other sites will be duplicated here. This… more »