All Pretty for the TV

One of my favorite songs was written by one of my favorite musical groups Poor Old Lu. The song All Pretty for the TV is a commentary on television and a society dominated by entertainment. While I have some comments to make on television this song makes enough comments of its own. This may not be the author's thoughts but they fit the script.

I see the wealthy guy The world in his eyes He need not contain no pain or shame And never will I cry

At the center of television is the emphasis on wealth and the world and with that obsession there is very little need to show any kind of remorse. Ironically that obsession in real life does bring pain and in many cases shame. The world our society is one of the Christian's biggest obstacles to a successful Christian life.

And I'm a dirty word You know I'm so absurd If I write things off as meaningless So I'm never heard

Obscenity is one of the hallmarks of much entertainment today. Even though there is some censoring in television the bleeping or fading out of those obscenities does nothing to eliminate the intent. Just as obscenity rules on TV the things that are good in life are just overlooked.

Stare and no care into nowhere Round and round pounds the sound inside We never give it up Well I can never live up and the box won't shut up Ground me out without a doubt We never give it up

On the other side of the tube is the viewer that is mesmerized by whatever comes on. From story to story he sits there with nothing to do but look. He is in a gaze and the box just won't shut up.

And now I'm turning blue Without a thing to do Cause I'm wrapped enthralled and my brain it stalls I can't think it thru

Entertainment has that ability to not only hypnotize a person but to choke him. He is so overwhelmed that he can't think. Every presumption that's made is accepted without argument and whatever conclusions the plot reaches are okay with him.

So make your senses soft And never turn it off Just step inside and join the ride Here's our real God.

If you don't agree with all that then you may be normal. Yep normal. It's normal to sin to serve self to find whatever life they can in this world. It's normal to controlled by the powers of this world and entertainment is at the center to that control.

It's not normal to be a Christian. Christians are not of this world. In essence they're alien creatures reborn by the Holy Spirit. They see more to life than what they see on TV.

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