Are you happy?

You've no doubt heard the snarling reluctantly submissive response from someone who did (or undid) something to please you. You may not have been happy but you were satisfied.

It seems much of adulthood is content to live contentedly. We're not happy at work and we haven't arrived at the social status that we feel we need to be at. We don't have enough money to have that car home furniture or whatever that will make us happy. Our kids or parents are not doing (or letting us do) what we want to make us happy. Some of you may even think that happiness is not a grown-up thing that it's something our kids and grandkids have that we've grown out of that.

You don't have to be happy all the time. There are definitely times when you should be unhappy but if life is worth living it is worth living to the fullest. You can do that too because real happiness isn't dependent on having a nice or even a running automobile nice furniture or people that do what we want. You have fun sometimes and like memories of that fun but that's not really happiness. Real lasting happiness is one of the things that Jesus promises to those who follow him. He promises joy life peace things that we have so much trouble grasping.

The first thing many think when someone talks about following Jesus is joining a church tithing or doing something when the important thing is following him personally with you doing whatever He wants. It's something that we can only do when we are fully convinced that he cares for us and will take care of us.

Are you happy?

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