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Unlike writing a novel or technical manual blogging is a daily struggle. While I may be pleased with one entry the next three or four may be considerably less "flowing". In those times I'm tempted to begin procrastinating but I know that once I stop it'll be hard to get started again. I just have to make the most of what I've got.

On some days the words just flow. On other days you have to skip over a dozen ideas because they are too time-consuming or demand too much energy doing the necessary research. If I am going to maintain a regular schedule I have to come up with and organize a new subject every day. To really stay on top of the game in your peak every day you need NOT do it every day. Yes instead organize and prepare multiple entries in advance.

Some blogging software like the b2evolution that I use will allow you to create draft versions of entries. If you can keep it organized that's one way to stay ahead but I discovered another tool that I may be using to maintain my blogging notes. Chosen as PC World's top pick today AZZ Cardfile is an ideal solution to sorting my list of blog cards. Yes I write my ideas down on index cards during the day. Expanding on an idea requires me to find that card (now or later) and add some notes to it.

AZZ Cardfile is like the Windows card file program of a decade ago on steroids. You can create a card-file and add multiple cards to it each with a title. The text on each card can also be formatted and you can even add images. The one thing that this little gems lacks is the ability to select card files from a list. You do select the cards that are in the list but if you have multiple lists you have to close/open each one.

It's a shareware program that runs $19. I'll give it a show for a month or so and see how it works. I could build (or find) a simple Access database that would be just effective. Even if it doesn't work for me it may be just what you need. The important thing is get organized and be prepared. Not just in blogging but in any other project you have.

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