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Going to Mississippi and back I learned and saw a lot of neat things. While there I learned a little more about our family heritage and our genealogy. My mother's side of the family has a long history in the area. One of the most interesting things I discovered was that I grew up in what was known at one time as the free state of Jones. During the civil war Jones County Mississippi withdrew from the confederacy to form its own state and fought on neither side.

It is also amazing sometimes how things change. I visited USM in Hattiesburg where I attended. I knew some of the structures but it has really grown. What use to be the edge of campus was squarely in the middle. Surprisingly business hadn't grown that significantly around it. Hattiesburg is also growing due to the evacuation from Hurricane Katrina. I also discovered that the rural areas of Hattiesburg suffered a lot of damage from the storm as well. I'm sure there are other sites there but the things that I visited were memories.

We stopped in Vicksburg and took the scenic drive through town. Vicksburg is a true tourist town. Throughout there were signs to all kinds of historical sites. Instead what we did was follow the "Scenic Drive" signs through and around Vicksburg. If you are a lover of antebellum architecture you will love Vicksburg.

There is another site that's worth visiting there and it's not hard to find. Vicksburg is on the banks of the great Mississippi River. Even at a distance above the banks its size is impressive. Although you may have heard of the muddy waters it has a beauty of its own. Rivers and Lakes are always impressive when you are at the banks which is probably why homes and businesses (and casinos) are built on the river.

One of the places I knew I wanted to stop at on our trip was Tallulah. I made plans so I could arrive there after dark. There is a creek running through the town. In the middle of the creek there are permanent ornamental Christmas trees running all through town. During the season they light them up and the reflections in the water make it a colorful site. Tallulah is a small town away from any major city so they don't have a lot of funds to really make it as spectacular as it could be. It is a pretty site nonetheless.

I suppose one of the most beautiful sites was the sign on the highway that showed the exit to Tyler. After a long trip home is always a beautiful sight. We enjoyed the trip and will do it again but there is no place like home. There is nothing like belonging somewhere. Kelly Tabitha Olivia Samantha Bonnie Becky and Midnight we're home!

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