Black Friday Perspectives

A week ago I was referred to an article on (The San Francisco Chronicle). Since then I've enjoyed reading many of the columns in that paper. It's been almost two and a half decades but when I lived in San Francisco I enjoyed reading the Chronicle. I know; There are liberal leanings of that publication. From an area that has become the mecca of the homosexual movement it is certain to reflect the area's interests. But there are some truths in it that need to be broadcast.

First a little about my political leanings. I am a Republican and I don't anticipate ever voting for a Democrat or Libertarian but I do believe that the Republican party today is essentially a Big Business party. So the choice of one or the other is often the foundation of the average citizen's political leanings. And not just political but in every fabric of society. While you may think that Big Business is better than Big Government of the Democratic party the way I see it there is no difference. To misquote a popular truism "Absolute power corrupts absolutely whether in the hands of Big Business or Big Government."

While I am tempted to develop on that what I want to point out is how individuals with two diametrically opposed world views can view and agree upon the same evidence. What I am talking about here is based on an article by Mark Morford titled "Black Friday Die Die Die" This is the kind of article that I would have loved to written or at least started. He essentially points out the commercialism of Black Friday and by reference of this country. Mark then bemoans the effects of our indulgence on the energy crisis. Al Quida could also have started this article and ended with its call for destruction of the nation. A Christian might point out a need for repentance. We may be able to agree on all the evidence and recognize all the problems but it is our worldview that determines what we think and do about them.

One of the author's consolations went this way "There was only one thing left to do. We both raised our wine glasses for a humble toast to the belief that man is at heart a deeply benevolent creature."

Ironically that humanistic philosophy is what has brought us to this point. Our self indulgence has been bred into us by an increasingly self indulgent society parenthood government. Not only has that self-indulgence brought about the rabidity it is at the heart of many of the things that Mark has bemoaned in the past.

While we can hope beyond all reason that it will all work out I'm not satisfied with that perspective. Yes I agree that our consumerism is out of hand. I'm not afraid to agree with him and many of our more radicals about quite a lot of things.

I may actually do the same things that Mark proposes for many of the same reasons but my Christian worldview goes further to recognize the sovereignty of God; I know that God will do what He wants. I take comfort in knowing that He will do what He needs to do. Not only that I know a little about His plan. Yep according to the New Testament the world will be burned up. But also according to the New Testament God will renew it.

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