Everyone talks about new year's resolutions on this day or at least talking about new year's resolutions. I prefer to talk about food particularly chocolate.

Chocolate is one of those things that most everyone likes although most don't know much difference between one and the other. I'm one of those. I know there are wide variances but I'm not an aficionado. I do like dark chocolates however and in particular Dove brand chocolates.

We got a bag of Dove Promises for Christmas. The rich and creamy bits are melt in the mouth quality. Another neat thing about these chocolates are the wrappers with little sayings in them things like Whisper in the Dark. There are others I can't think of so I guess I'll have to get another bag of them.

Even better than the chocolate squares are the dark chocolate covered Dove ice cream Bars. Although I won't be having many of them for some time. Our principal new year's resolution is to not eat sweets. Yes I make them; I just don't like to talk about them. They give me something to fantasize about.

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