Christian Influence

One of my daily devotions today says "It is probable that God lets every human being who crosses our path do so in order that we may have the opportunity of leaving some blessing and dropping into his heart and life some influence that will draw him nearer to God." It goes on to say, we might be able to "witness" for Christ as a result.

In a few weeks I'll be volunteering to prepare tax returns for others. I'm spending a lot of time preparing for tax season. The reason is I enjoy helping others, and particularly in areas where few others are able to help them. Yes, it's a mental exercise (sport), but it's also social and spiritual in nature.

I don't think my contact with these people are to specifically invite them to join Christianity, but my actions are related. In the Christian faith, there are many roles. We are not all evangelists. Some are teachers, in the church or without; some are common servants; some are apologetics; some are leaders in other ways. We may be involved with mostly believers, or mostly non-believers. The Christian faith is not some type of life-box. Some little-known writer said we are all players in theatrical presentation. All Christians have a role to play.

Like myself, there are many unbelievers who also focus on helping others, as in a type of global community of humanity. Some of them proudly proclaim to be humanist; and some insistantly atheistic. That doesn't really bother me. God does good things for people, whether his agents are believers or not.

There may come a time when I can profess my belief to some people I interact with; maybe when someone is having one of their life crises. I'll try to be ready for that opportunity. But, then, maybe every action is a part of my profession. We have become so result oriented that we sometimes forget that every action has a result. If our actions leads others to Christianity, then that's a good thing. It's not something to worry about. After all, God, well, He's God... Let's focus on those actions, focus on our performance.

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