Compatibility is a strange phenomenon. In many areas compatibility is not that big of a deal. In an effort to make things work we can adapt to less than ideal situations.

In marriage that is particularly true. Compatibility has a lot to do with how tolerant you are of someone squeezing the toothpaste in the middle or staying out late. A lot really depends on what really matters. Does the other person matter or is the love you once felt more directed toward your own concerns desires? Are you wanting more from a marriage than you should?

Courts will give you a divorce based on compatibility issues although it may really mean you don't have the selflessness you need to sustain a marriage relationship. Someone once said that any two Christians could marry and if they were committed to the Lord they could make it. I believe it.

A relationship with Jesus trumps all others in importance but with a growing relationship with Him we are able to enhance the other relationships we have. If the two love the things that Jesus loves those two have hearts that are truly compatible. If you are unhappy in your relationships or with your circumstances developing a relationship with Jesus might be the best place to start.

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