For the last two or three years my route to work has been under construction. Depending on what was being worked on I had to use different lanes as I traveled. Sometimes it's not a problem. At other times the makeshift roadway is quite rough. But everyday I traveled the same route and have to encounter whatever problems are associated with it. As I see it coming close to completion I look forward to a nice smooth surface with more lanes.

When a person becomes a Christian Jesus immediately starts construction building character into that person. Depending on what he is working one at the time others may have to learn how to deal with them. Sometimes it's a simple matter while at other times or with other people the construction area in their life is quite unrefined. Still we continue to deal with those people and whatever problems they are encountering. Unexpectedly it seems there comes times with the construction in a certain area or phase is coming to completion and we begin to look forward to the fruits.

Through much of our lives either physically or spiritually we are under construction or are around people who are under construction. In whatever phase we need to remember that progress is being made and we may need to ask ourselves just who is under construction. We might also need to consider that the problems in the lives of people around us may only be some of the tools that God is using to develop our spiritual roadways. He knows what he is doing. He is a master builder.

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