Credenda/Agenda is a religiously and philosophically Trinitarian cultural journal. Or at least that begins their description of this publication. I have been receiving it for years maybe a decade now. If you get magazines and spend most of your time looking at the pictures this one isn't for you. There is a lot of text and not many photos.

This is a publication primarily devoted to intellectual exercise and particulary exercise of the faculties in a search for the truth and its relevance. That's not to say it isn't occasionally entertaining. Satire is a common ingredient in many of the articles and there are large doses in the Cave of Adullam section.

What sets this magazine apart from all the other evangelicals are the subjects it entertains. In fact their issue on "Entertainment" was one of my favorite. The most recent was "Stinkers in the Church" and looks at The Genesis of Church Splits among other things. It even features a "Stinker Hall of Fame".

The full page front page illustration is a photograph of a toilet room in shambles with a previously posted sign on the floor that reads


Just the photo points out the problem with much of today's church. While it should be a place where we come to clean up it is full of corruption and spiritual filth. Ironically this magazine with disdain and disrespect for much of our pettiness is actually doing its part to clean up.

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