DBS Tyler

Link: http://www.dbstyler.com/

I started working on developing Diversified Business Services again over the weekend. I registered the domain dbstyler.com and designed a new logo for it. I've actually been playing with this for decades so the new logo is not the first design or even the best design. It is just another effort to create a distinctive logo that is representative of the organization.

Diversified Business Services or DBS Tyler is the name of a business consulting and services company that I've used over the years. On the one hand it is a simple operation while on the other there are multiple areas of specialty that actually deserve to have their own identity. Thus the problem with designing a logo for the company is analagous to painting a picture of a family with everyone in it bearing the family resemblance while making sure that individual members are also distinguishable.

To do that I decided to focus on the abbreviations DBS and add "tyler" or the name of the specialty at the end. In sketching the logo I almost always run the two together or overlap them. I designed a DBS graphics logo for a teeshirt advertisement a few years ago using that concept. It is simply the text fancied up. But the style doesn't ID the company as a business consulting company.

I've tried adding an icon to the logo but always ended up dropping it because it made it too busy. The current plan is to develop a base logo for DBS and append either the city or specialty in a style that identifies that area. The most recent development uses that idea.

I'm still not impressed so the work continues. So it is with this kind of art. There always seems to be room for improvement. There always seems to be something missing. And so it is with life too. Without the fellowship of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit there always seems to be something missing.

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