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Today I played a round of disc golf and discussed some of the events that are coming up in the next two months. The disc golf course at Lindsey Park in Tyler Texas will be the site for the Piney Woods Open and the local Ice Bowl.

The Piney Woods Open will be December 8-10. It will be a two-day B-tier event that I will miss because I am to be best man at my brother's wedding that weekend. Jerry Power will be the TD for the event that has been going on for a couple years now. For more information about this and other disc golf events you can search the schedule on the PDGA site.

Another event coming up is the Ice Bowl. This event is national with local events set to raise money for the food banks and of course have a little disc golf fun in the "off-season". The Tyler event is set for January 27th. Whether or not you play you can also be a sponsor. Proceeds will go to the East Texas Food Bank.

For more information about the national event visit the Ice Bowl 2007 website. It is orchestrated by Disc Golf World. The local event calendar is also located there.

Tyler already has four courses two at Lindsey Park one at University of Texas at Tyler and a fourth one northeast of Tyler. There has also been talk of another course possibly in Faulkner Park.

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