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Going into IT requires a lot of preparation. There is the educational as well as the experiential, but there is also the genetic or cultural perspective to consider. Your life experiences and personal preferences seem to have a lot to do with what field you are going into, by developing an appropriate temperament.

I'm not talking about temperament being used as a qualification for a career field. Temperament may suggest the things that you will be good at, but your temperament will also determine what jobs you will actually enjoy. At least that seems to be the premise behind the Keirsey Temperament Sorter.

The Keirsey Test involves a long list of questions, many very similar, and ends with a classification that falls in one of four categories: Guardian, Idealist, Rational, Artisan. You can read about them on their website, but my classification as a Guardian supposedly means that I pride myself on being dependable, helpful and hard working. I'm also loyal, cautious, humble, and focused on traditions.

The important thing about this test, though, is what jobs match my personality. The short list includes Accountant, Pharmacist and Technical Writer, and it's pretty accurate. I'm good with finance, numbers and obviously enjoy writing, though I've never considered being a pharmacist. Guardians also include supervisors and inspectors. The list didn't include programmer, systems analyst or project manager, which is where I am heading now. Of course, I got the free evaluation. You can opt for more detailed reports at a reasonable rate.

There are other temperament evaluations available, with various personality types. One test divided types into three groups, Analytical, Bold and Caring. Another describes them with animal names. If you are really interested, you might also consider the Big Five personality traits or the 16 personality factors.

Does this really help? At my age, I already know what I like to do. Maybe a different personality type might not know. Could it be helpful for younger people considering their career path? It could help.

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