Eating Your Cake

In the movie Rain Man when Raymond was asked if he wanted to stay with his brother Charlie or go back and live at the home he decisively insisted that he wanted to live with Charlie at the home. They asked him several times and got the same answer. Though an intellectual genius of sorts he didn't have the ability to reason.

Following some recent discussions that reasoning ability is equally lacking in much of business and government. Executives are insistent on saving money and spending more money than ever. If it's not that they are wanting employees to cut back on overtime or other expenses. Then they assign them more work. They want things to be done instantly and then wonder why it wasn't done right or why it's not working. This complex is best characterized with the saying "You can't have your cake and eat it too."

It's a kind of hypocrisy in reverse. In hypocrisy your words and actions contradict each other. In this your desires or demands are mutually exclusive. Because modern business is guided by personality this kind of logic is what rules in business. Executives are there because they act that way. They are assertive demanding and most often manipulative. That's what makes them executives.

I want to stay here and live with Charlie!"

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