Education Tax Credit Essentials

Education Tax Credit Essentials has been published by Dana Bell and is available as a paperback and in electronic form for major eBook devices. This book attempts to help professionals better understand the many complexities related to education tax credits and other tax incentives for education.

Education Tax Credit Essentials provides details for preparing tax returns with education tax credits such as the American Opportunity Tax Credit. This systematic analysis guides preparers in the steps required to process education credit claims, from researching scholarships and calculating the maximum credit to coordinating with educational savings accounts and Pell grants.

Beginning with an overview of education credits it then discusses treasury regulations, types of scholarships, scholarship treatments, and scholarship research. This book also discusses 1098T reporting rules, coordinating tax benefits, and tax planning.

Illustrated aids assist in document preparation and student account tabulation with examples of records from two local institutions. The AOTC worksheet included is instrumental in calculating the maximum credit and a collection of tax preparation techniques are discussed to simplify credit calculations based on individual circumstances. A section on software solutions also shows recommended steps for claiming the credit in some of the major tax software systems.

Planning includes a discussion of claiming strategies and coordination with other forms of educational assistance, amending returns to claim the credit for prior years, and coordinating tax returns for family members when there is an education credit claim. Some special issues discussed include AGI considerations, AOTC phase-outs, changes in EITC, common errors, and a discussion of alternate treatments.

The book comes at a time when there are mixed signals from Washington about education credits. While the IRS and Treasury Department has been promoting the use of treasury regulations to increase the refund amount available with a claim, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) is saying there may be potentially billions in education credit fraud. Although the TIGTA estimates may be exaggerated, it's important that returns with education credits clearly comply with tax law and regulations and can be documented.

Dana Bell received his Enrolled Agent designation in 2014 and has degrees in Accounting and Computer Information Systems. In addition to writing about tax accounting and business, Dana is a computer programmer, website developer and host, database guru, and graphic designer (Adobe Certified Expert). During tax season he also volunteers as a VITA tax preparer and quality reviewer and as a Tax-Aide counselor. Favorite pastimes include disc golf, photography, chess, and Scrabble™.

Education Tax Credit Essentials is currently available as a trade paperback from, on as a Kindle edition ebook, and on as an ePub. Most ebook devices will handle one of these two formats. Calibre may be able to handle conversions to other devices if necessary. Wider distribution is also anticipated through available networks.

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