Family Stage

Some years ago I remember listening to (or was it reading?) something about the stages of life each person goes through. While all of it doesn't apply to everyone there are certain things that have more interest to us at age 50 than at age 20.

One of those is an interest in maintaining our family units staying in contact with family members. It's not always linked to an age as it is to our past experiences and the priorities of our life. Get married become successful have kids educate kids have grandkids think more about extended family. Different things have different levels of importance at different stages of life. While you are busy with work and your immediate family it's easy to forget about your siblings and sometimes your parents.

I lost contact with my brother and sister a few years ago and this week got to know them all over again. I got to meet neices nephews I hadn't seen for some time and meeting other relatives for the first time. For some family has always been important; for others that importance varies with a stage in life. While I do regret that we haven't been as close the important thing is to recognize the stages in our life and those needs and then start over.

Family is an important element of a person's life. It is one of the ways we relate with other people. I remember my grandmother finding her sister after 40 or more years. They were adopted and separated at an early age. For a period following that they were close friends.

There are those that will settle into a lifestyle and never change. Without every developing or restoring an interest in family they end up living a life of boredom and self-absorption. There really is a time for every purpose. Stage or not family is something we must take time for and make an effort with.

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