I started our first fireplace fire this year. After hauling the wood inside lighting some of the solid fuel from last year and placing a few logs on top the fire was going. All the time our cats were wondering what I was doing but when the fire started going good they were really curious. They approached the flame from several angles stretching their neck toward it to get a good view. Every crackle it made renewed their curiosity. These cats had never seen this phenomenon. They didn't understand how it worked or why.

I'm reminded of a story told by a missionary about some natives they were working with. They were curious about the automobiles and such but they were also quite fascinating by a simple measuring tape. They examined it repeatedly pulling it out and allowing it to retract wondering how it could do that.

One who is not familiar with such things as radios tellies or radio waves will at least briefly be fascinated by them. Then they will begin to accept them even though they may never fully understand how they work. The concept of music notes scales and sound in general is equally fascinating and enamoring to many. Very few people really understand computers electronics and circuit boards but most of them have at least one.

We don't have to understand these things to believe that they exist or have value. They may even serve as an illustration to teach us that although we don't understand the spiritual realm any more than radio waves that it exists and has a purpose. Equally we know that there is a spiritual being that lives in this realm. Nations all over the earth often independently have developed numerous religions to try to explain this spiritual concept and the One who uses it to communicate with us.

Our people (American Indians) may have been one of the closest to have identified it without the aid of Judeo-Christian writings by calling it a Great Spirit. The scriptures have identified this being as God and explained His nature as Father Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.

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