Four Gospels

I've been visiting some church and ministry web sites looking for inspiration for a church site redesign. For me it's hard to look at design without reading what they have to say. Most of the sites I've visited had some crucial gospel "message" other than the plan of salvation. For some it is God's power or our power as bestowed to us by God. For others it is evangelism or the need for funding as if the more money we get the more people will get saved which is really heresy. For still others the devotional lifestyle is crucial to being and staying a Christian. Then there's morality missions and service oriented groups. Every group has a different interest and an opinion to go along with it.

Anyone that has an opinion will occasionally be viewed with disdain by those who do not share that opinion. It's only fair I often have similar views of others. Yes there are some things that are immovable as truth but at the same time there are many things that are not so deeply engraved in the truth tablets. There are those who come from a more traditional background (Matthew) others with a more intense view of the Christian life (Mark) a few that look at things analytically (Luke) and depending on the age those that are a bit on the emotional touchy feel-ly side (John).

Certainly I may feel that others in the church go overboard on some teachings but that's been the case for 20 centuries. There is one thing to consider when you meet someone that doesn't share you particular viewpoint and that is the perspective that you have. Everyone is positioned in time and space differently so everyone's perspective will be different from anyone else. If we will consider that we will not only be more understanding of other's viewpoints but since none of us has the perfect perspective we can get a better picture by looking at things from more than one vantage point.

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