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New! Two Android apps of Hoot are now under development. Each app includes a database with the installed lexicon, and the ability to use external databases. Update: The first release of the Hoot app is now available on Google Play. The search screen is a modification of the Combination search in the PC version and has sort options. Click on the link to get the them on Google Play. Please provide feedback with problems, suggestions.

North American lexicon

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Collins lexicon

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After two years working on Hoot, the desktop version, I started working on an app for Android. While I've wanted to build one much sooner, the computer limitations prevented me from getting much done. My computer was more than a decade old, and had no upgrade options available. After going from a system with 1.5 GB to one with 32 GB, and other improvements, I decided I could begin work. In the meantime, Android Studio and the emulators have improved so much that getting work done on it was a pleasure and I was able to get the beta ready in just over a month. I have a long list of things I want to do with it so app development will probably continue for another year.

Writing an Android app is a lot like creating a dynamic web page. With the web you need to learn formatting with HTML/CSS, and write code in PHP or Javascript. With Android development you need to learn an Android version of XML, and write code in Java. While XML is a simple concept, the language is new and complex, with many caveats. Once I learn it more, I'll begin to appreciate it more. While there is an abundance or resources available for learning Android development, much of it is old and uses out-dated concepts, and deprecated methods. Improving my skill involves both learning what to do and how to do it, as well as learning what not to do and how not to do it, now.

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