How to Make Good Pictures

"There is a new fascination to amateur photography. Pictures that but a few years ago would not have been attempted are now easy snapshots."

That was written in the early 1940's in a book published by Eastman Kodak. That book was one of my finds at the Book Fair and a bargain at 25 cents.

While the "remarkable new films" of the 1940's are a bit out of date the principles of lighting exposure and composition in the text are still useful today. There are also some good tips for taking pictures of children posing candids architecture landscapes and night photography. Those are things that will never grow old but that can't be programmed into any camera. Cameras don't take photographs photographers do.

Photography is one of those commodities that requires someone with an eye for photography much like one would have an ear for music. Not only do those people have the skill or artistic ability to capture a good photo it often takes those kinds of people to recognize and appreciate good photography. That's not to say good photography can't be learned but it takes attention to detail that often comes naturally to others.

In my first year of college we were required to take an allied arts course in my case for appreciation of the arts. I particularly remember the study of music in the course and attention to detail was the one thing it seemed to focus on. We learned about all the elements of the composition and about the composition itself.

I can't really play any instrument but I can appreciate good music. I'm no artist but I can be impressed by a painting. And while I do take photographs I can still appreciate good photography by others.

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