I'm sorry

Employment has been down for almost 5 years now and the economy continues to struggle. I just want to apologize about that. I think it may be my fault. I don't spend a lot of the money that would provide jobs to people. For example, last week I changed some spark plugs in my car myself, and do most of the simple auto mechanic work, including oil changes. I did buy the parts, though.

Also, I've never had anyone else do my taxes, so that's probably $50 a year that could have gone to the economy. Also on a professional level, the one time I had to got to court, pro se was allowed so I represented myself. When I had to have our house painted on the outside a couple years ago, I did it. And I'm making plans to paint another one of the rooms inside. I also laid the flooring, and may do it again for our office. Speaking of our office, I've built and repaired most of the computers I've had. I even write a considerable number of programs that I use. Also electronically, I install all of my phone equipment.

To make it even worse, I don't spend a lot of money on goods and services that I don't need. When we eat out, it's usually with a coupon or other discount, and with other purchases we try to be smart about what we spend. So the recession may be the fault of people like me.

On the flip-side, I'm fairly financially independent. I don't have a lot, but I don't need a lot, and hopefully I'm not going to be a burden on society in the future. Unfortunately, there are many people that are not so inclined, and are dependent on the entertainment and wares of this world, or being served by everyone else.  They are enjoying the present without being concerned about the future, including retirement, and sometimes with no reservations about next week. Their appetite is so developed that when the time comes, they will have a problem when all of that dries up. When that happens, as in Greece, I suspect it will be that strata that will be the burdens on society, not necessarily the misers. Who knows?

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