I am a familyist

Among many politically savvy people being a racist or sexist is tantamount to committing the cardinal sin. We have been trained this way since the 60's so if you're under 40 and attended public institutions of learning you have likely been fully indoctrinated.

Many of our anti-discrimination laws are founded on the premise that all people are equal. To even hint that this is not the case would be heresy. Well here's my hint. We are not equal. The races are not equal. The sexes are not equal. And even families are not equal.

There was a Christian football player a few years ago that suggested that different races had different characteristics and he was criticized for it. They said he was stereotyping. However any licensed physician knows risk factors for various diseases. Some races cultures age groups are more at risk for heart disease or asthma or some cancers than others. It's statistical fact and not just health related differences.

Statistically more people of one race are more likely to spend some time in prison. Fact. Much of that has to do with culture but it's still true. There is also some truth in the fact that "white men can't jump." Black people may always dominate the football fields and basketball courts.

Different tribes of American Indians also had distinguishing characteristics. Some were more savage while others were more industrial. The same goes for family heritage. I share and take pride in many of the characteristics of my parents grandparents uncles aunts and beyond.

But wait what you do about the differences is another thing altogether. Every race nation culture is susceptible to certain tendencies. The bad traits we need to confront the good nurture. Just as physicians look at risk factors in determining how to treat a person we also need to look at the issues in our own race culture or family. We can either demand equal rights (the Indians were here first) or we can confront and nurture our own weaknesses and strengths.

We should all understand that each person is able to overcome whatever undesirable characteristics defines their culture race. It's not just in our racial makeup; there are many other areas of segregation. Our economic class our religion and our education also separate us from those who are different. Yet we are all individuals; we are not compelled to follow our culture race or family. We may not be able to control our status; we do determine our character.

Once we have done that we can move out to change our culture for the better.

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