Import Lexicon for Android

My last post explained how to create a lexicon from the new NASPA word list (NWL2018) for the Android app. At that time you had to create a new database with the PC version of the program and transfer that to the Android device. Since then I've developed an import lexicon tool in the app. You will still create the lexicon on the PC, but instead of transferring the database you transfer the exported lexicon.

Follow the steps in the first two parts of the instructions through phase 2 to create the lexicon.

Alternate phase 3

Instead of configuring it for Android, select Export Lexicon to save the lexicon to file and then transfer that file to emulated storage on the Android device.

PART 3 (Importing the Lexicon)

Open Hoot and go to Tools. Select Import Lexicon. Note that it says it is a beta feature. While it repeatedly works successfully for me when done correctly, there may be some errors that it doesn't catch. If you're importing into a custom database, make a backup first. In one test, Hoot did quit with an error but after restarting Hoot the new lexicon was successfully created. It's a feature you won't need often, but with new lexicons for TWL and Collins this year, I figure some of you might need it.

The Import Lexicon screen will be displayed for the lexicon details. Select the file, give a name for the lexicon, and enter the details you would like to store for it, but don't include a copyright symbol in the notice. That would make it impossible to Export.  

Pay attention to language and Tile Set. The language links the words to the stored definitions. The Tile Set is used to calculate and store the scores. Then press the button to Import Lexicon.

Wait! Importing the lexicon and calculating the scores will take some time depending on the power of your device. On my S7, the lexicon for CSW19 was imported in less than five minutes. After the lexicon is created you will have to go to Settings to select the lexicon.

Other Lexicons

The Hoot download page has a collection of preconfigured lexicons you can use. However, it doesn't include the most commonly used lexicons (TWL and Collins) since distribution is limited. TWL (aka NWL2018) can be downloaded by members from the NASPA website.