On numerous occasions I've heard talk show hosts and preachers proclaim that to not have insurance is to be morally irresponsible. I still don't believe it. Insurance is one of the biggest evils of our modern society. It is a worldly assurance of our earthly "salvation". It is a declaration that the world's goods and promises will preserve us.

Not only does it show a lack of faith in the God of creation it is generally a irresponsible use of the resources God has given us. We buy auto home life health dental vision and others. If it's the company that you work for providing that you may forget that if they didn't they would be paying you more. Somebody pays. It doesn't come out of thin air.

We've been conditioned to believe that insurance is so vital and that insurance or some kind of "service contract" is the only way to secure anything when in fact it's the insurance company that uses your money every month. It's the insurance company that pays its investors dividends on your money. And in the end it's the insurance company that determines what your settlement will be. And there's always a surprise. Higher rates extra fees...

If we did as many of our grandparents did save our own money take care of our own problems over time we would have the resources to handle most any crisis. And if there is no crisis we would have the money to spend or to leave to our children or their children. We would rather someone else take the responsibility.

On the other hand there are many people that will take advantage of everything they can in order to bleed the insurance company. They are not unlike those who live as if society will take care of any problems we encounter. The mandatory auto insurance laws are one of the consequences of this kind of philosophy.

In general the failure of people to take responsibility has penetrated the core of our culture. They are paying the cost; we are paying the cost. It may often be hidden but it's high. Very little of what we pay out each month goes for something tangible. From taxes insurance interest and services most of what we spend is for the preservation of this great society.

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