It's about Jesus

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and may have been established by the Catholic church in the 4th century. Although some aspects of Christmas may have roots in pagan philosophy Christmas is still primarily a recognition of the miracle of Christ's coming. In our gift-giving tradition the philosophy is that Christ was a gift to us. In reality the truth of Christ and the gospel is more than giving gifts. Christ came for another reason. Christ came to call the world to belief in Him and offer himself up to bring us salvation. There are endless sentimental stories about Christmas and the goodness of others and God. Much of today's Christmas stories have to do with family gatherings and caring for others. Having someone that cares is comforting to most anyone. Sentimental things will always be a part of life but Jesus doesn't want to be just a sentimental thought. He doesn't limit himself to any season of the year. His love is strong enough to overcome the most difficult problems and the hardest of times throughout the year.

Our relationship in Christ can't be just a seasonal thing. In order to live a life that is pleasing to God and ultimately pleasing to ourselves we must live it daily. We must make a decision each day not to live better but to live as Christ leads us.

It wouldn't be such a bad thing if the grinch did steal Christmas. We really can live without Christmas but we can't really live without Jesus. And we certainly don't need to die without Him. My prayer is that during this Christmas you find a relationship with Him and meaning in your life. Jesus is more than a reason for the season.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Life

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