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Being monday and all I thought I would take a break from my usual commentary (or criticism) for the blog and say a few words about me and what I do. By "what I do" I don't mean what I do for a living but what I do after work. I guess you could say this is my belated introduction.

This blog is one of the things I do. I also design web pages and sites. A few of my sites are Tyler Web Sites - a search site for Tyler Texas which also includes some web page and web design commentary. Tyler Web Sites : Hosting - In the backroom I am a web site host. If you need a temporary home I have a place for you. Single bed no kitchen shared dining. I am speaking figuratively of course. Tyler Forums - This is the shell for a forum board for Tyler. Again it's not quite ready for business. Both need to be shielded before I open them up to attact by the spammers. Home on the Web - A few things about me my job my life. There is also a section about Disc Golf and a section called Streetworks which contains some of my older commentary about Christianity.

In addition to the web pages I am also an amateur photographer. I participate in a variety of on-line photo groups complete with contests challenges assignments and the like. You can search pbase.com search for my name if you're interested. I also have my own photo site at pbase.com/dbell154.

There's not a web page about it but I also enjoy playing competitive Scrabble either on-line or out of town. There's much more but you can read that on my personal web page. And that's the way it is on October 23 2006. Good Day.

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