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I finished my first semester back in school and did it without a laptop. I considered getting a new wide-screen laptop during the semester, but I kept asking myself, "What do I do with it?"

I hear that some elite schools require students to buy a laptop when they first enroll, and there is rumor this school is considering that. I just don't understand why. All of my computer classes were in rooms with computers, and there are ample computer labs all over campus. Big screen, full keyboard, and no need to charge it. Plug in your jump drive and your ready to go.

When I was doing a lot more writing, I did carry a laptop with me quite often, but now wonder what people really need laptops for.

Also, in school, I have a bag full of books, and don't really need something else to carry around. If I had the text of the books on the laptop, I could cut back on my luggage, but then I would have to boot it up every time I wanted to read something.

But, I did find a reason to buy one over the break. One reason to have my own laptop is to be able to use the Dvorak keyboard layout. I switched from the Sholes (Qwerty) keyboard a couple years ago and have no plans to switch back. Lab computers have the Dvorak keyboard disabled, so in protest I got my own computer.

To minimize the additional load I got an Asus EEE (8.9" screen). That also comes with XP instead of Vista, another plus. And the best thing is it can last 4-6 hours on a single charge.

Now I'm rethinking the benefits of having a laptop. No, it's not a necessity; but having a laptop will mean I can go anywhere to do my study, or whatever I want to do. It's freedom. And with campus wide WiFi, I can connect with the world while I'm fishing at the campus lake... if I knew how to fish. And, if I drank coffee I could compute at the coffee shop.

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