Legislative Failure

In our last legislature one of the common themes I've heard complaints about was how the republicans gave so much away and made so many concessions.

Considering the claims and promises of many republican candidates that may appear to be the case. Before jumping to such conclusions we need to realize that the republicans in Congress are individuals and not all republicans did as was claimed. The body as a whole may have failed us but many individual legislators didn't.

One of the difficulties in politics is that different issues have different weights throughout the country. Another is the fact that every candidate must reflect the values and concerns of that section of the population that makes up a majority. The easiest majority is often found toward the middle of field.

By choosing to embrace the middle ground candidates and their parties take the easy way to office compromising many of the issues that make up the party base. And in the middle ground the muddle goes a long way to stifle the political uproar. Cowardice. At the end of the term you find not only your opponents complaining but your own constituency.

If more politicians would only make an effort to represent the majority of voters at their end of the political fulcrum they might find that they would have more solid support.

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