Lowe's: Kudos or Warning?

Do you check your register receipt?

Last week I decided to use my $25 project discount card at Lowe's to get materials to install new gutters. I made my list checked it twice got the pricing directly from the Lowe's shelves and headed down to the store.

I loaded everything up and went through the register. The prices seemed a little high so I checked one of the higher priced items and it was different from what I had researched. The more I checked I found that everything on my list had higher prices.

After talking to several people in the store they found that the prices had changed but the store wasn't notified. They decided to honor the posted prices and after an hour I was out the door. That simple check saved me $45 more than 15% on the final bill.

I have seen price variances from other stores but not on that many items. Some variances are due to cross-posting prices on two different items. You are more likely to buy an item that appears to be a good deal than to buy an apparently overpriced item.

With indiscriminate use of price scanners cheap retail labor and the tendency to trust computerized pricing there's really no telling how much more you are paying for stuff. Add to that the trend toward "price with card" advertising and you may be losing a lot more.

Next time you shop spot check your register receipt. Especially if you are going to Lowe's...

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