Newegg and the Brother HL 5250DN

Times must be getting hard and the big guys are having to take drastic measures. Last week I wrote about Lowe's unknown price hike and this week there's Newegg's renege on an advertised price. My last email has all the details.

I understand fluctuations in prices but... It seems that posting that a "sale price" is good until a certain date and then not honoring that price up until that date is false advertising. And in a blogging world a bad business practice as well. Now I'll be sure NOT to get it at Newegg.

10 Jul 2008 at 0:53 Customer Support wrote:

Dear customer Thank you for contacting Newegg. We do not offer any sort of price protection. All the items and the prices are posted on our website in real time. Due to the constant fluctuation of prices in this industry the cost of our inventory is changing regularly. Items costs on our website reflect this as they are adjusted daily. Our product pricing is determined by our Marketing and Purchasing departments collaboratively due to various circumstances. Unfortunately this information is not passed onto Customer Service and we are unable to provide information for this particular inquiry. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. If you still need assistance please feel free to email me directly and I will be happy to assist you. Thank you Linda Zhang

Date: 7-9-2008 ========== Original Message ========== Name: Dana Bell Item#:N82E16828113212

days ago this printer Brother HL-5250DN showed to be on sale at 169.99 until 7/11. When I checked back today it did not show the sale price. What happened?

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