On drugs in Dallas

I just returned from the Microsoft Office 2007 Launch in Dallas. I have notes for several entries on the Office system Vista and Microsoft in general. I'm going to take some time to process them though and want to just give my confession. While I was in Dallas I had some drugs.

I had the remnants of a head/chest cold when I went so combined with the uncomfortable bedding (Hotels don't have waterbeds) I didn't sleep well at all. Mentally I just couldn't focus. As I walked through the convention center I saw other people crowded around and participating so I stood in line. As the crowd began to clear I saw the signs first "Regular" then "Decaf". I grabbed a cup and filled it up with Regular added 2 creams and 2 sugars.

I've been addicted to caffeine before and it was a difficult habit to give up but I was clean for several years. You might not consider caffeine to be a "drug" but if you try to define the term it certainly could be one. If addiction determines what a drug is caffeine certainly fits the bill as does sugar high fat foods and possibly even a favorite dish. If "mood-altering" defines a drug then all the same things could also pass the test.

There is a theology in Christianity and likely other religions that any consumption of alcohol is a sin. That may be a definitive characteristic in their view or it may be due to the assumption that anyone drinking alcohol does it to get at least a buzz. Or it may presume that it is a drug because it's consumption is you depend on for normal survival. Caffeine could fit that one too.

There probably is a line to draw somewhere between what is a drug and what is not. The better question might be what is abuse whether alcohol drugs or caffeine. I don't subscribe to the alcohol is a sin theology but the Bible gives repeated warning about it. Nor would I say caffeine is okay. I think the wisest thing is to look at what it is and what it does.

I try to make choices based on simple guidelines. Here's just a couple. Health: Is it unhealthy? Addiction: Is it something that I will depend on?

Having had 2 cups of strong Starbucks coffee today I will most likely have some withdrawal symptoms like a slight headache. I could drink coffee again tomorrow to minimize those. But then that would mean that caffeine will become more of a drug to me.

Now what about shopping?

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