Patriot Jobs follow-up

Since the last post on this blog, and the last post on this subject, things have changed.
The UT Tyler job site, PatriotJobs now uses software by NACE, which is much less bug-ridden. Still there is less freedom in navigation, and the superfluous national job entries make it less than optimal, but it's not really broken. Kudos.

One of the ironies of web software selected to be used by institutions and businesses, is the number of bugs, malfunctioning aspects of the software, software that was purchased to relieve the organization from the need to design/maintain the software in-house. This is one of the persistent proofs that outsourcing is more perception than reality.

The process is simple, companies outsource to save money, outsource again to improve quality or service, and more often than not, settle for what they can get. In the end, the internal infrastructure is no longer there and the savings have progressively been replaced by reliance on a company with mediocre performance that is increasingly more expensive than in-house operations.

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