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Organized Web Design

This week I started updating a website for a local non-profit organization. The most important part of the project was studying the site and understanding how it is built. As I studied this site I learned a little about why it can be difficult for an amat more »

The Rise and Fall of the Software Empire

As technology advances the community effort continues to erode the dominance of software developers. There are now very few software packages that do not have a shareware free or open-source solution for those that search for it from graphics to operat more »


One of the best software packages to come out in recent years is the Firefox browser. When IE 7 came out I did a comparison and Firefox did things that IE didn't and Firefox has progressed since then getting even farther out ahead. There are things tha more »

Computer Mania

Over the past few weeks I've been going to garage sales and finding some good deals in computers and parts including some $10 computers and even some $2 boxes (computer w/o peripherals). It appears that people are feeling their computers are getting old more »

C is dead?

Last week at the book fair a couple of men father and son I believe were browsing the collection and openly commenting to each other about their findings. At one time the son came across some books on C++ programming and questioned if anyone used C an more »

Access Cardfile

A few days ago I looked at a cardfile program and verbally wondered if it could be done in Access. Well yes and it's rather simple. Here's the steps I followed. 1. C more »

AZZ Blogging

Unlike writing a novel or technical manual blogging is a daily struggle. While I may be pleased with one entry the next three or four may be considerably less "flowing". In those times I'm tempted to begin procrastinating but I know that once I stop more »
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