Category: "Computing"

My Legacy

Legacies are now becoming even more difficult to build and maintain these days. Maintaining my legacy was what I did most of yesterday. I'm talking computers here not a philosophy or memory being passed down to subsequent generations. Legacies in compute more »

Power of Babel

I've been involved with computer and networking technology since the 80's and the one thing that amazes me is how much of the problems we have with them are the result of programmers writing in code that makes the systems more powerful but with less con more »

Search Engine Ramblings

I've had my current collection of web sites up for about a year now. I haven't publicized them much and already they are showing up on most search engines. I've used searches like tyler web sites tyler forums dana bell and get first page results. I eve more »

Spreadsheet Mania

One of the things that always baffles me at work is the amount of time that is spent entering and re-entering data into the computer to create a report. The way that reports are generally formatted the data in them aren't generally re-useable without bei more »

Internet Rehash

The computer monitor was mysteriously on when I entered the room. The screensaver wasn't working and the screen didn't have the friendly XP logon screen. Instead it had a blue screen (BSOD) with a message about IPVNMON.SYS and a page fault in a non page more »

The Dying Internet

The Internet is dying. Though it has been around for less than 10 years and covers the globe the internet is now beginning to suffer a long painful death. There are various cancers being spread through the internet through spam spyware advertising more »

Batch File Library

Batch File Library           If you've been wanting to combine all those little batch files into a larger single bat file, here's a tool you'll find helpful.  When this file is typed in, save it under three names BAT.LIB, BAT.BAK, & BAT.BAT.  It's… more »
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