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The New

The Tyler Morning Telegraph unveiled its new web site today and I obviously went straight to the computer to check it out. You will have to consider that I've visited their old site on numerous occasions. The new tyle more »

High Pass

There is a tool a filter actually in Photoshop that is useful for a number of things. Recently I've been experimenting and reading more about the High Pass filter. It is most useful for sharpening. Yet there are numerous ways it can be used. more »

More Photoshop masks

When I'm shooting objects in order to make them easier to work with I will put them on a solid background of a color that is not in the object. This gives me a number of options when I want to change the background. I select an area before I work with i more »

InBooklet SE

Before the makers of InBooklet sold out to QuarkXpress they left us InDesign users a present in In Booklet SE. SE is an option from the InDesign menu to output to one of the basic formats including booklets. It was not without limitation although. more »

The Photoshop Mask

In preparation of our annual "Christmas" newsletter I used Photoshop frequently to get images ready for publication. One of the neatest non-destructive tools that is invaluable in wiping out backgrounds is th more »

InDesign Wrapping

While working on The Bell Chronicles annual newsletter I learned or was reminded about some things in InDesign CS2 that you might be interested in. 1. The Flag The first issue had to do wi more »


Many companies have been considering the conversion from QuarkXpress to InDesign and I suspect a few have gone the other way. The battle between the two is sometimes intense. There is even a site devoted to that battle more »
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