Category: "Politics"

Legislative Failure

In our last legislature one of the common themes I've heard complaints about was how the republicans gave so much away and made so many concessions. Considering the claims and promises of many republican candi more »

Road Politics

I was going to my brother's wedding this weekend and we set out for Mississippi today. The weather was nice and the reliability of our transportation surprised one of us. The one thing that I noted was that Mississippi had the best roads. Texas roads have more »


You have to be against capital punishment but support abortion on demand.You have to believe that businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity. You have to believ more »

The Political Fulcrum

Don't Vote! Every year you hear candidates and organizations plea for you to go vote or that it's your duty. You'll hear that from the conservative Free Market Foundation and the liberal League of Wom more »

Minimum Wage

It's been ten years since the last minimum wage increase. Every year it's proposed and every year the Republicans put it aside. With their emphasis on what's good for business it'll be a hard sell to get one passed next year. more »

The Transit

In the late seventies one of the things I enjoyed doing was getting a newspaper and reading the highlights of the day; or maybe reading a chapter in a good book or a magazine article. If I had some project I was working on I might pull out some of my o more »
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