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Christian Influence

One of my daily devotions today says "It is probable that God lets every human being who crosses our path do so in order that we may have the opportunity of leaving some blessing and dropping into his heart and life some influence that will draw him… more »

DBS Tyler Update

An update on the logo design for DBS. This one changes the color a bit and adds a pie chart in the back. A pie demonstrates how business and DBS is involved in multiple areas while at the same more »

DBS Tyler

I started working on developing Diversified Business Services again over the weekend. I registered the domain and designed a new logo for it. I've actually been playing with this for decades so the new more »


A few weeks ago at church I was listening to a sermon that suggests that because love is a fruit of the Spirit that only Christians can have that kind of love. I've also heard that because some men wear red socks all who wear red socks are men. Many of more »

To Bash or Not To Bash

On occasion I've read Mark Morford write about all the violence surrounding religion and his descriptive name-calling of every visible aspect of religious protest more »

Black Friday Perspectives

A week ago I was referred to an article on (The San Francisco Chronicle). Since then I've enjoyed reading many of the columns in that paper. It's been almost two and a half decades but when I lived in San Francisco I enjoyed reading the Chro more »

Dumber than Dirt

This month's Mensa newsletter includes an article by Mark Morford SF Gate Columnist where he writes about AMERICAN KIDS DUMBER THAN DIRT? wit more »
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