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Compatibility is a strange phenomenon. In many areas compatibility is not that big of a deal. In an effort to make things work we can adapt to less than ideal situations. In marriage that is particularly true more »

Is it Christian?

Much of a Christian's life is spent considering whether or not this or that is a Christian thing. Obviously there are the most obvious things. But there are a lot of things that are not so obvious. Some of t more »

The Stock Market and Christians

Years ago the stock market was something for the wealthy to invest in. Today with much of American business going "public" most everyone has some kind of investment in the stock market. At every turn there's a philosophy about how to play the stock ma more »

The Aisle Walkers

I've always liked starting religious exhortations with some mention of 1st century Christianity as if that it the purest form. Why change now? I was raised in a Baptist church and I wouldn't doubt that the clin more »

Post Civilization

A period of time has been portrayed in the movies where the planet was mostly deserted due to a nuclear catastrophe or other world wide phenomenon. Much of that time is characterized by a post-modern savagery of fighting and lawlessness. That's plausible more »


Credenda/Agenda is a religiously and philosophically Trinitarian cultural journal. Or at least that begins their description of this publication. I have been receiving it for years mayb more »


Not much has changed since the first century. When Jesus came he encountered at least two major groups of people. On the one side there were the sinners who were most likely considered the rebels of the day. more »
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