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It's about Jesus

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and may have been established by the Catholic church in the 4th century. Although some aspects of Christmas may have roots in pagan philosophy Christmas is still primarily a recognition of the miracle of more »


What's in a name? Or a title? Today I was considering how amusing it is that a person's title is so often not characteristic of what he does. My work title for example is Offset Press Operator although I spend most of my time doin more »

Pearls and Swine

One of the most interesting passages spoken by Jesus was in the beginning of Matthew's gospel a part of the sermon on the mount. Give not that which is holy unto the dogs neither cast your pearls before s more »


A young country boy was confronted by his parents after he returned home from church. In an effort to determine if the boy had indeed gone to church they questioned him about other people there. After he confidently assuring them about all he responded more »


For the last two or three years my route to work has been under construction. Depending on what was being worked on I had to use different lanes as I traveled. Sometimes it's not a problem. At other times the makeshift roadway is quite rough. But everyda more »

Are you happy?

You've no doubt heard the snarling reluctantly submissive response from someone who did (or undid) something to please you. You may not have been happy but you were satisfied. It seems much of adulthood is cont more »

Sunday Morning

There are a lot of Christian traditions that the modern church has inherited that have been altered through history. One of our traditions Good Friday comes from a polluted view of the actual history of Christ's death and resurrection. Christ died on a more »
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