Category: "Religion"

Sharpening Iron

If you've wondered if conflict is good this biblical quote should settle it. As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another. You can see it every week i more »


Does a tree falling in the forest make a noise if nobody is listening? I've been told scientists believe it doesn't. I suppose that depends on how you define noise. If a noise is something that is heard and nobody hears it's not a noise. more »


I really hate it when people are always complaining. They complain about the price of gas the weather their jobs and even their wives or husbands. People need to quit complaining all the time. If you caught that then you know and see the humor in hypoc more »

All Pretty for the TV

One of my favorite songs was written by one of my favorite musical groups Poor Old Lu. The song All Pretty for the TV is a commentary on television and a society dominated by entertainment. While I have some comments to make on television this song ma more »


Elections are only a few weeks away now. Last Sunday our visiting preacher prayed for our elections and urged us all to get out and vote for good Christians to be elected to leadership. He of course was concerned about moral and family values. more »

Fat or Strong

In the last few weeks I've heard a lot about church growth. Though that term never came up the thought was there; how to grow membership in the church. We go to a small church and there is room for growth. There are some programs that they are working on more »
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