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What's up Doc

I visited a new family practice physician earlier in the week and found the trip to be well interesting. This is not going to be a recommendation in either direction but some thoughts you might consider. I can't make recommendations because I didn't more »

Black Friday Perspectives

A week ago I was referred to an article on (The San Francisco Chronicle). Since then I've enjoyed reading many of the columns in that paper. It's been almost two and a half decades but when I lived in San Francisco I enjoyed reading the Chro more »

For Argument's Sake

Recently I started a dialogue with another believer on some doctrinal issues relating to a passage in Hebrews. See Popular Theology entries. In his second response he said that he did not believe that argument over the interpretation of Scripture edifies more »


One of the best software packages to come out in recent years is the Firefox browser. When IE 7 came out I did a comparison and Firefox did things that IE didn't and Firefox has progressed since then getting even farther out ahead. There are things tha more »


There are many people that enjoy talking or being listened to. Then there are those that like to sit/stand/watch and Write. That would be me. A few years ago I contemplated life and love and wrote (and had pu more »

Mute Math

The Mute Math website has this news note. Sept 19 2007 MUTEMATH Make TV History on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tonight! MUTEMATH more »

Say the Prayer

If you have ever heard Billy Graham preach you have heard "the prayer". Sometime following the reformation evangelists and churches have adopted the use of a prayer that sinners can say in order to be saved. In fact as you search the Bible you will fi more »