Category: "Thoughts"

What's on your Bookshelf

Over the past few years I've wanted to find a way to organize my ever growing book library. Last week I stumbled across a tool that will really help. The Library Thing allows you to catalog your books on-line. If it was just something to type all the info more »

Garage Sales Are Back

It's that time of the year when the garage sales are heating up. Saturday we were out and went to three or four community garage sales. A community garage sale is where several people in the same neighborhood have garage sale. In one more »

Fields of Interest

I started this list the other day when I was considering some alternate vocations and contemplating the many areas where I either have expertise or an interest. Now to make some sense of it... While it's some p more »

C is dead?

Last week at the book fair a couple of men father and son I believe were browsing the collection and openly commenting to each other about their findings. At one time the son came across some books on C++ programming and questioned if anyone used C an more »

Job Search Issues

A job search is difficult enough without having to deal with a number of unnecessary issues. Preparing resumes cover letter and portfolios can be quite time-consuming. Then when you are applying for a job at a particular company you have to write (legib more »

Library's Lacking?

I actually love the library and frequented libraries in many cities I've lived in. I enjoy studying as much as others might enjoy reading history novels or poetry. That changed several years ago when I was "blacklisted" by the Tyler Public Library. I was more »

On drugs in Dallas

I just returned from the Microsoft Office 2007 Launch in Dallas. I have notes for several entries on the Office system Vista and Microsoft in general. I'm going to take some time to process them though and want to just give my confession. While I was i more »