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Happy Anniversary to Me

Happy Anniversary to Me the Blog. Relationships are always somewhat special and as they grow we often celebrate anniversaries. This is one of those. We met one month ago today. That was when I first started th more »


The local Mensa chapter graciously sends me the email version of their newsletter and I scan through it every month. Along with local and regional news one of the things that fills the local Mensa newsletter is stock market speculation. Another thing th more »


Does a tree falling in the forest make a noise if nobody is listening? I've been told scientists believe it doesn't. I suppose that depends on how you define noise. If a noise is something that is heard and nobody hears it's not a noise. more »

Garage Sales

This morning Saturday morning at 7:15 my sister in law called to tell us about a huge garage sale at her church. Our answering machine heard her tell all about it. Then she called again. 45 minutes later we were there. I came home with a one dollar ke more »

The Warm and Fuzzies

After reading this message you must send this message to 10 other people and the person that sent it to you within 3 hours. If you do this you will receive unbelievably good luck. If you don't your hair will fall out and you will lose all of your f more »

The threat is worse the the act

At one time a famous chess player was quoted as saying that and most chess experts would likely agree. The threat to take a piece or make a certain move is often half of the game. The threat is also a real thing on the internet. more »

All Pretty for the TV

One of my favorite songs was written by one of my favorite musical groups Poor Old Lu. The song All Pretty for the TV is a commentary on television and a society dominated by entertainment. While I have some comments to make on television this song ma more »