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Talk Show Hosts

Some of the most entertaining people I know are talk show hosts. I'm not talking about their talk show but some of their character nuances are amusing. If you've listened to talk shows at all you may have noti more »


Going to the movies is generally a good escape although I have grown more and more indifferent to the movies and video entertainment in general. I suppose much of it is my fault. Having been a writer and student of writing I've learned most of the basic more »

Book Fair

Tomorrow is the first day of the Fall book fair. The book fair that I'm talking about is where you can purchase used books at a fraction of the cost. The Smith County Medical Society Alliance sponsors the sale and proceeds go to provide scholarships for s more »


Cell phones. What's the deal? For fifty bucks and up a month you can have a cell phone and never worry about having someone around when you need them. Cell phones do have a purpose but the craze with cell pho more »

Just about me

Being monday and all I thought I would take a break from my usual commentary (or criticism) for the blog and say a few words about me and what I do. By "what I do" I don't mean what I do for a living but what I do after work. I guess you could say this more »


Elections are only a few weeks away now. Last Sunday our visiting preacher prayed for our elections and urged us all to get out and vote for good Christians to be elected to leadership. He of course was concerned about moral and family values. more »

My Music

Music is a nice diversion. When you talk about politics religion or business any disagreement is a source of contention even if you're not being contentious. When you talk about music everyone has their preference and most every more »