Post Civilization

A period of time has been portrayed in the movies where the planet was mostly deserted due to a nuclear catastrophe or other world wide phenomenon. Much of that time is characterized by a post-modern savagery of fighting and lawlessness. That's plausible but that may not need to be the result of some global development.

The world is presently on a course toward such savagery. The streets are one indication of the lawlessness that is developing. Traffic laws may not seem so significant but the trend is. In business it is increasingly difficult to find honest and competent people to deal with.

The on-line wave of fraud and deception is just a reflection of a similar thing in the real world. People with integrity and encouraging similar qualities are more than ever considered to be religious radicals. Combine the growing attitudes of people with the ever expanding power of business and government and you will continue to see evidence of the corruption of mankind.

You might ask how I know. I know because the Bible predicts it. The world is going to hell. It's not just an after life issue but the world is approaching a period in time where there will be even more pain and suffering.

Then you might ask what can we do about it. Nothing. Like I said the world IS going to hell. There may not be a physical similarity between this and the latest post-war scenes in a movie but there will be the same savagery. I can't change the world. Jesus didn't come to change the world yet. He came to change people. If we are to "live" through the increasing trials in life it will be because of Christ only.

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