Presidential Replacement

I wasn't too impressed by Bush in the first election and by the second I was even less moved. He had performed well as commander in chief but he let down a lot of people in the areas of marriage protection immigration and other issues. And in the last two years I've constantly heard and agreed with criticism of his policies and action/inaction ... from conservatives in his own party.

In Presidential politics however we are often stuck with a candidate in a second term election. With an incumbent in the White House the party doesn't want to look around for someone better. If we are going to make progress politically that has to be a consideration. I would have loved to have the opportunity to replace George W. Bush with someone that was a bit more honest sincere and active in more than the war on terror.

No I'm not a moderate with philosophies somewhere between and overlapping both Democrats and Republicans. My positions span the spectrum and go from one extreme to the other. While I would hardly vote for a current day Democrat I am in favor of some of their issues and against many Republican/conservative platforms.

If we would look at the issues objectively I think many people are like that. Unfortunately we think in terms of the existing parties. We think liberal or conservative although the reality is more big government or big business. While I'm compelled to support candidates that support the most important issues I would love the opportunity to have more choices. But that's politics.

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