If you watch the Animal Planet you have no doubt seen programs where the survival of various animals is tracked and evaluated in the light of their predators. It is a vicious world in the Animal Kingdom. It is also a vicious world among humanity.

The larger wealthier more powerful take advantage of the less fortunate the less shrewd. There is really very little real humanity among humankind. A drive through the local university will reveal that most every building there has a name named after a significant contributor to the cause. It's not the cause although as much as it is the recognition they want.

Throughout society those in need are made to be in need by those who have taken advantage of them. In the educational community administrators drain the community and to support their elaborate facilities and their personal fortunes and then to alleviate the problems put on programs to raise money for scholarships.

The medical community is the same way. Medical expenses continue to rise (which is another way of saying they get more money) and to fund their operation they hold fund raisers to help children or women or whoever is most pitiable at the time. They create charity cases and then play the part of the charity.

It would be easy to stereotype here but in other countries just the opposite may be true with individuals like parasites taking advantage of those providing health care and education because of their concerns for people. It's just a cruel world that's all. Often the best we can hope for is a polite world.

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